Peer-review activities and diagnose workshop with participation of stakeholders – Copenhagen

Between the 2nd and 4th of December 2019 took place in Copenhagen the ‘Peer-review activities and diagnose workshop with the participation of stakeholders’ within the ‘Effective involvement of stakeholders in external quality assurance activities’ (ESQA) project. The workshop was organized and hosted by The Danish Accreditation Institution – DAI, from Denmark.

The peer-review activities had as objective a thorough analysis of how stakeholders are involved in the external quality assurance activities.

The High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (Hcéres) and DAI representatives had a presentation about Stakeholder involvement in France and Denmark – similarities and differences.

Adam Gajek, former President of the European Students’ Union (ESU), talked about New opportunities/challenges for students’ participation brought by the latest trends in learning (digitalization, remote learning etc.). Professor Bert van der Zwaan has presented his perspective upon Stakeholder’s Involvement in the Changing Landscape of Higher Education in 2020-2040, identifying students, employers, faculties and government as the most influent stakeholders in higher education in the future.

On the agenda of the stakeholders’ workshop, there was one session of interactive discussions.

The participants were divided into smaller groups to discuss, with the help of guided questions prepared in advance, on what good practices, as well as deficiencies, have encountered by involving in quality assurance activities and how can stakeholders and institutions work closely together in the light of changing environments to meet future challenges.

The host – The Danish Accreditation Institution have shared their experience on student involvement and how to cultivate a rewarding collaboration, as well as on the development of new guidelines for institutional evaluation through dialogue with the external stakeholders, especially representatives of higher education institutions. Signe Tolstrup Mathiasen, Vice President of The National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF), has presented the perspective of students on involvement in internal and external quality assurance activities.

Programme ESQA WP2 Workshop in Copenhagen final

Bert Van Der Zwan – presentation

AI’s Dialogue with external stakeholders

Involvement of stakeholders in Denmark

Student Involvement – How to cultivate a rewarding collaboration


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